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Research projects

A2iA is involved in a number of research projects with both private and academic partners :


  • HIMANIS (HIstorical MANuscript Indexing for user-controlled Search) aims at developing cost-effective solutions for querying large sets of handwritten document images.
  • Conducted on the registers of the French Royal Chancery in the 14th and 15th centuries, an index of about 60000 pages was created.
  • Project website: HIMANIS
  • Search the Chancery corpus Search
  • Funded by the European Commission through “Heritage Plus - JPI on Cultural Heritage and global change” Heritage+

Past projects



  • The PACTE project (Projet d’Amélioration de la Capture TExtuelle - text capture improvement project) aims to improve the optical character recognition process, (OCR - handwritten, manually entered or drafted documents) using language processing and more specifically statistical and hybrid linguistic methods. It is related to applications for digitization projects handling written heritage, in a multi-lingual context.
  • Funded by Investissements d'Avenirs 2011-2014
  • Supported by Cap Digital


  • Gathering 3 public research units in Humanities, 3 research units in Engineering, Information Sciences and Technologies and an industrial company, ORIFLAMMS will enhance our knowledge of the medieval scripts and multilingualism through a new, interdisciplinary approach.
  • Funded by ANR CORPUS Program, 2012-2015
  • Supported by Cap Digital

Web site : ORIFLAMMS

The Rimes Database


  • The AXACARE project (Automated eXtraction & Analysis of Car Accident REport) has been developed for the analysis of data from electronic accident reports. The solution allows the data extraction of all information types and formats for document and claims processing and a geo-tracking of accidents using the handwritten information extracted.
  • Funded by DGE (Direction Générale des Entreprises)
  • Sponsored by Axa Big Data Challenge 2015
  • Supported by Cap Digital

Results: Press release


  • The MAURDOR project aims at evaluating complete systems for automatic processing of written documents, from document layout analysis to semantical analysis.
  • Funded by Direction Générale à l'Armement, 2010-2013.

Web site : Maurdor.


  • Quaero is an ambitious program promoting research and industrial innovation on technologies for automatic analysis and classification of multimedia and multilingual documents.
  • Funded by Oseo, 2010-2013

Web site : Quaero

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